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How to Crack API 580 Certification Exam with Prep Material

Oil and natural gas extracted from oil industries provide a large amount of the world’s energy. Oil industries employ thousands of workers worldwide and generate billions of money globally. But with the risky nature of oil industries, it is a must that various aspects of the oil process are regularly checked and inspected. Pressure vessels, piping, and other equipment must be in the best operational status to keep petroleum workers as well as the public safe.

In the United States, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has long been the leading trade organization that develops equipment and operating standards for the oil and gas industry. Importantly, API also sponsors quality control inspector certifications to assist the competency of industry professionals. API certifications are hence, the most demanded credential in the oil industry.

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API Individual Certification Programs

The expertise of industry working professionals is recognized through the Individual Certification Programs (ICP) offered by API. This certification serves as a tangible proof certifying the credentials of industry inspectors. Earning API certifications means improving your skills by undergoing advanced training. With that, you are equipped with advanced knowledge and complex skills needed to fulfill the job. You are very much capable of performing tasks in line with the latest and proper industry inspection practices. Not only that, API certifications add a significant asset to your professional credential. Employers will have increased confidence in your work because of your great contribution to the safety and quality of industry operations  Passitdump.

The inspector certification for risk-based inspection is given to passers of API 580 exam, also known as Risk-Based Inspector Professional. It is part of the Individual Certification Programs issued by API. In partnership with industry leaders, ICP testing has industry-developed standards recognized worldwide to validate the competency of certified inspectors and personnel in their respective practices. Through API certifications, specialized inspectors with proficient knowledge and experience in the industry inspection codes are continually produced.

To know more about Risk Base Inspection certification, browse API website.

General Overview of API 580 Exam

Exam Description

API 580 exam is a 70-item test that is given in a multiple-choice format. Exam questions are based on the information contained in API Recommended Practice 580 – Risk-Based Inspection, 3rd edition (2016). The closed-book exam is 3.25 hours long. No paper or any other reference materials are permitted into the exam. The set passing point of the exam is 70%, meaning you must score at least 49 correct answers.

To get more details about this exam, visit API official website.

Audience and Objectives

The ICP of API independently and impartially establishes the minimum standard skills and knowledge required for every technical and inspector personnel. Particularly, API 580 exam is befitting to highly specialized inspectors, engineers, and other professionals in the petrochemical industry. Candidates are assessed with their knowledge on Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), which has been one of the preferred instruments and methods of inspection.


Candidates qualified to take the exam are those that already hold a current API 510, 570, or 653 certifications. Otherwise, prior industry experience within the last ten years, as well as the highest educational attainment, are considered. Listed below are the minimum required experience along with the corresponding educational level.

Level of Education

For those with BS or higher in engineering or technology (1-year required years of experience), 2-year degree or certificate in engineering or technology (2 years), High school diploma or equivalent (3 years) and no formal education (5 or more years). Thus, it is important to document your experience in your application. The experience does not necessarily have to be related to inspection as long as it is from the petrochemical industry.

Other Important Information

Scheduling an Exam

From the traditional paper-and-pencil method, API has now moved to computer-based applications and testing. Scheduling an exam has now been made easy with Prometric, which is the API’s new online portal for submitting applications. Important icons are displayed in the portal that is easily understandable.

An important reminder to keep note is that scheduling at Prometric is on a first come – first serve basis. Applicants can choose the date and Prometric location within the given 10-day testing window. You must apply to API as early as possible and schedule your exam as soon as you receive your eligibility ID to secure a test spot according to your preference.

Application Form Validity

Every application is valid only for 12 months from the first exam date as requested by the applicant. The application expires after this 12-month period despite the number of scheduled or taken exams. In cases where the applicant fails to earn certification within this period but still wants to pursue, he/she must apply once again bringing all the necessary payments and requirements.

Certification and Recertification

Candidates are certified after they pass API 580 and have no lacking deficiencies in their application. Certifications are not given even if you have passed the exam if there are incomplete requirements. Hence, you must clear all your deficiencies beforehand.

API 580 certification exam is valid for three years. To recertify, apply for recertification 90 days before the expiration date of certification. Late recertification after the 90-day grace period has corresponding fees. Else, certification expires after the grace period.

Exam Preparation

Details of the exam are presented in the Codes and Standards Training Institute (CASTI) for a general overview. Be sure to acquire the exam code document and CASTI courses. To completely study the Passitdump API 580 exam dumps, you will need the referenced Codes contained in the Body of Knowledge of the exam code document. Also, look through CASTI e-learning courses and webinars.

In addition, training courses are offered by various providers such as Atlas API Training, Life Tech Engineering, Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies. Atlas API Training provides a 20-hour online exam prep training course for API 580 while Life Tech Engineering also provides engaging RBI course that is handled by competent instructors. Further, the Pinnacle Advanced Reliability Technologies offers 3-day course training for API 580 exam, wherein training is composed of 80% lecture and 20% workshops, group work, and practical exercises.

Sample questions related to API 580 exam can include what RBI is, its key elements, its implementation, and the sustainability of an RBI program incorporated in various processes in the industry. For braindump sources, you may check the Passitdump website as it’s among the most reliable. In addition to that, PrepAway offers video lectures with best IT experts for the Crack API 580 Certification Exam accordingly. Still, choose the sources that suit you most and we wish you luck in your exam preparation.